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Make Money For Free Online – Work at Home With Zero Investment

Work at home with zero investment? How can this be true? I promise you can make money for free online and I’m about to show you it will cost absolutely zero to start and has the potential to earn you 1000′s of dollars per week…or more!

Just imagine, you can have the financial freedom to work when you want to work. You can decide where you want to live. You can stop living paycheck to paycheck. All this can truly be yours with an investment of just your time.

What is this seemingly magical way to make money for free online with zero down? It’s called Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you sell a product or service for another company and get paid for each and every sale you make. Sometimes you can even get paid for just finding a potential buyer.

It will cost you nothing to signup with your choice of thousands of companies and you will then get access to sell their products. Some companies will even provide you with marketing materials to make your selling job a breeze. Why would they help you? They help you because the more you sell, the more both of you make. It’s in their best interest to make sure YOU succeed.

There are many techniques to selling products and services on-line. Some people spend thousands of dollars hiring web designers, others pay huge sums of money to purchase advertising on popular search engines. Some even register their own domain and start a blog to sell products or services. While each of these methods has their own unique benefit, they are reserved for the experienced and well established affiliate marketers.

I promised you a zero investment business and that’s what I’m going to deliver.

Article Marketing. Article marketing is when you write about a product or service and post these articles freely on special websites. These websites were designed from the ground up to help people like you or I research and solve any problem under the sun. Your job as an article marketer is to connect these people with a service or product that may solve this problem.

This method of article marketing is also referred to as bum marketing. The name was coined by article marketing guru himself Travis Sago. He was referencing the fact that even a bum off the street with no money to speak of could make a living using this easy and free method. Even the instructions on how to ‘bum market’ is available freely.

Now as I did mentioned, all this information is available freely on the internet and it truthfully does have the potential to make you as much money as you want.

I’m here to tell you I have personally made money by article marketing. I started to make money for free online after I found an amazing set of videos that taught me everything I needed to know about article marketing. The author of these 25 videos totaling more than 15 hours of instruction was personally taught by Travis Sago the founder of what has been coined ‘Bum Marketing.’

5 Ways to Fight the Recession As a Small Business

If you have been watching the news, reading the paper, or browsing the Internet, you have stumbled onto the many hopeless articles written about the recession. It seems as if everyone is depending on a financial analyst to give us the green light that things are on the up and up.

However, there are tremendous advantages that a small business can have during an economic crises of this nature. Keep reading this article that will help you to obtain a bit more focus. Just remember that there are many companies out there that are NOT struggling. We can reap the benefits if we understand a few key concepts with an open mind and are willing to invest the time and dollars into the efforts that bring profitability. If you currently are struggling then I ask, why not try something different?

1. Marketing Budget

Advertising your business has many advantages that can reap long-term profits. Simply put, if you have cut your advertising budget there is a good chance your competitors have done the same or it could be that they are still spending and driving away customers from you. Given those conditions you must continue to advertise your business. Why take the risk when you can also take a piece of the pie?

If your competition has reduced their advertising budget, you now face less competition and can easily acquire that market share. Companies with the largest presence reap the rewards, so do your company a favor – invest in the right type of advertising for your business. This is the time to get creative! We always recommend that you take a closer look at the successful companies. What are they doing right that you are doing wrong?

2. Web Presence

Having a web presence has many advantages. First and foremost, most consumers and businesses conduct research on the web when they look for products and/or services. While they are doing research, they are always looking for a reason NOT to buy from you. That is why your web presence must be polished and well presented. If you don’t have the ‘WOW’ factor for your target market, you will lose to your competition. So do yourself another favor and invest in a website that is setup to turn your business into a selling machine. Be a smart consumer and if you need to pay additional money for a custom solution then trust me it will be worth it.

3. Process Centered

Can a new employee walk into your company, open up an operations manual and run the show? If the answer is no, it is time to start thinking about process. The more you streamline and document, the easier and more efficient your business will operate. Many small businesses constantly face losing a key team member in this market. When that team member leaves, things can come to a crashing halt as other team members lack understanding and/or proficiency to meeting those important deadlines. Therefore, take the time to turn your company into a process-centered organization that operates efficiently without the missing pieces of the puzzle.

4. Weekly Evaluations

In order to understand your business and its efficiency, you must spend a couple hours at the end of the week to evaluate what you accomplished and what went wrong. This evaluation is aimed at opening up a discussion so that future problems can be avoided. It should also be noted that you should also create a system for documentation to record your wins and struggles. It is a great tool that you can use to forecast future growth. If it happens once, it can happen again. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a binder filled with answers?

5. Network Network Network

Business owners should know other business owners. It is the Golden Rule. As a small business it is imperative that you are always expanding your network and reach. There has always been a misconception about networking. It is NOT about how many people you know, it is about how many people know about you. More importantly, what is their perception of you?

Businesses are always in front of other consumers and businesses. It is the belief that you can usually obtain about 3% of your customer reach the remaining might become your client later down the road. So take the time to network and build your referral network. Do not be shy to refer other businesses as a connection. After all, if we work together then we can all build a profitable business.

Use the five criteria points outlined above to help move your business into profitability. All five concepts are key components to running a business that is always in line with the market. Get Creative!